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Underground techno brought to you by Compound: known for their techno parties at Studio 80, Chicago Social Club and Doka. In the summertime Compound hosts an area at the successful Mystic Garden Festival. They look out for new exciting line-ups, leading the pack instead of following.

At Evolution of Techno, Compound invites some of the most sought after artist in todays Techno scene. We are absolutely delighted to present you this string of artists. A fresh mix of current and future heroes.
    Nicole Moudaber
    Nicole Moudaber

    Mood Records - Drumcode

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    Dance music changed Nicole Moudaber’s life - now she’s returning the favour. “The drums reached me,” she says of her initiation at New York’s infamous Tunnel Club. Ever since then, the Nigerian-born Lebanese star has dedicated her immense energy to finding ways to share that vibe.

    After years as a promoter - first in her native Lebanon, then in London - and a long self-apprenticeship in her studio, Nicole burst onto the scene like record-wielding Athena. Carl Cox, a close friend and mentor, tipped off DJ Mag in 2009, calling her “the most underrated DJ.” Four years later, Ms Moudaber is no longer waiting in the wings.

    The irrepressible techno mavenís debut album Believe (Drumcode) ruled the charts in 2013. It was Number 1 for a month on the Beatport techno, tech house and deep house lists (eight months later, it’s still in the techno top 15!) Nicole garnered features in Billboard and Rolling Stone and her trademark explosion of curly hair has become a familiar sight in the international music press.

    Nicole doesn’t let her rigorous recording schedule, which includes collaborations with Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Skin, Victor Calderone and Danny Tenaglia, interfere with her manic tour diary. She was an unofficial resident for Carl Cox @Space, Ibiza; rocked Music On with Marco Carola; and gave the Ibiza season an unforgettable send-off by playing the final set at Space Closing 2013.

    Time Warp, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Monegros. She’s also become a byword for marathon sets at Output and Montreal’s Stereo Club, among others. “I played for nine hours and they said they’d never seen such an atmosphere,’ she grins. ‘That means more to me than money.”

    Nicole kicks off with 2014 with gigs in Philadelphia, New York, and at Mexico’s BPM Festival, followed by a North and South America tour (keep an eye out for a mini-documentary!) The new year also brings her own globally syndicated radio show, produced by the team behind shows from Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, etc. ‘It’s a chance to play all the music I love,’ she says, promising a set-list that ranges from live performances to deep house to driving techno. Music she loves will also appear on her MOOD Records imprint, ensuring fans a steady supply of the drum-fuelled electronic goodness they crave.

    “The underground is stronger than ever,” Nicole declared in 2013. Thanks to her, it is set to grow even bigger and bolder as she continues to shape and share her vision of the “loving, amazing, ritualistic vibe” of dance music.

    More Nicole Moudaber:

    Regis (live)

    Downwards - Sandwell District - Tresor Records

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    Karl O'Connor is most certainly Regis and it is also highly probable that he propagates other pseudonyms . This has only added to the greater mythology surrounding the influential Downwards label that he has run with fellow art terrorist Peter Sutton (Female) since 1993.

    Unconventional and single-minded to say the least (what label can boast a 
back catalogue free of the industry standard cash cow remix ) by decentralising the focus on the dj/producer personality, he remains one of the more highly regarded creative forces within the British techno/electronic scene. Degenerate art indeed.

    Joel Mull
    Joel Mull

    Cocoon - Drumcode - Saved Records

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    When detailing Joel Mull’s production career it’s almost easier to name the labels that he is yet to appear on than to list the magnitude of seminal labels that have come calling for his work. Brief highlights include Harthouse (who released Joel’s most recent album ‘The Observer’, Superstition, Turbo, Music Man, Cocoon, Drumcode, EC Records, Audiomatique, Liebe*Detail, Jericho and Saved Records. This variety of labels says everything about the versatility of Joel’s approach to making music and his ability to balance sounds from across the spectrum with heavy-duty rhythms, chords, and melody.

    A product of the small but highly productive scene that has grown up in Stockholm, it comes as no surprise that Joel’s discography is heavy on associations with other key players in the creation of the distinctive Swedish techno sound such as Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlback and Cari Lekebusch. 2010 saw Joel embark on a busy period of studio productions; teaming up with Dustin Zahn for the epic Close Your Eye’s EP on Enemy Reocrds, appearing on Dahlback’s International Sound Laboratory label with a remix of Cari Lekebusch’s ‘Cold Blood’, dropping typically emotive EP’s on Jericho and Spectrum Recordings and somehow finding the time to also conjure up his third artist album – Sensory – which will be released in February 2011 on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul label.

    As a DJ, Joel brings the same qualities he has exhibited in his studio work to the live arena. Comfortably combining music from across a range, Joel is a dynamic and interactive DJ who blends rolling basslines, harmonic synths, and energetic percussions to craft an infectious and atmospheric sound. Regularly touching down across Europe, Asia, North and South America, Joel enjoys a worldwide fan base. Most at home building marathon sets that allow him to explore the range of his musical inspiration, Mull’s sound is a living force; steeped in techno history but with both eyes firmly fixed on the future.

    More Joel Mull:
    A&S live

    A&S (live)

    Jeroen Search & Dimi Angélis - A&S Records

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    Evolution comes at its own gradual pace. Be it the natural kind or, as in the case of Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search, that of a more artistical nature.

    In early 2012, the two veteran artists and longtime friends launched A&S records: a new home for their own productions. Now, after watching it mature through careful cultivation at a deliberately slow pace, Dimi and Jeroen are ready to take A&S live.

    Those familiar with Dimi and Jeroen's activities might at this point make the careful observation that they have also been performing together for a considerable amount of time as Counterpart; known well for its raw and unrelenting techno. And they would be correct in their observation. However, as A&S evolved over a two-year period, so has Dimi and Jeroen's mutual sound.

    They are now at a stage where both Dimi and Jeroen felt it would make sense to distinguish their activities as A&S from those taking place under their Counterpart alias. Mind you, the beginning of something new does, in this case, certainly not mean the end of something that already exists. For the time being however, A&S Live is at the forefront of the duo's activities.

    A&S live is a representation of Dimi and Jeroen's more recent musical path. In it they combine their experience at live performance with an all-new liveset comprised of and built around the sound their young imprint has become known and loved for. Played and praised by many its vinyl-only releases, including the heavily charted "Monopole", "One on One" and "The Resource" and collaborations with Par Grindvik and S100, have consistently sold out.

    So what better way to introduce dancefloors everywhere to the instantly recognizable, timeless techno that has made A&S into what it is, than to have the two minds behind it perform it live on stage? Retaining the on-the-spot improvisation and musical flexibility of their previous setup, A&S live is by no means your average run-of-the-mill, pre-programmed performance. Instead, every gig is a refreshing one of a kind quality techno trip.

    To those under the impression that a longlasting cooperation between two artists will negatively affect their ability to innovate, we say: come and hear A&S Live. You're in for something good.


    Exium (live)

    Valentín Corujo & HÉctor Sandoval - Nheoma

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It is not often that electronic music artists venture into projects with other creators, but it is even less often to come across artists whose collaboration becomes a stable and lasting union, accounts for most of the work they do and goes far beyond a mere sporadic partnership. When such a project becomes consolidated and mature and shifts from deejaying to studio production, we can say we’re facing a pretty unique scenario, especially if the artists manage to keep up the rhythm, quality and increasing recognition for over a decade.

    This is the case of Valentín Corujo + Héctor Sandoval = Exium. The success formula employed by this duo of deejays and producers from Asturias, Spain, that have yet to experience a setback in their career ever since in 1994 they decided to work together, is one of determined and solid effort.

    Besides deejaying and producing, their artistic zest has also led them towards the arena of visual arts, where they have collaborated with the Fiumfoto collective creating soundtracks for video installations and short films. Exium and Fiumfoto, who together form Exfium_;, give audiovisual concerts that combine experimental music, trip-hop, electro, electropop etc., and where the music is synchronized with several screens where images are shown. Thanks to this project they were awarded the prestigious Villa de Bilbao award, in the New Trends category. 

    2011 sets a new and important milestone along Exium’s path with the publication of their first LP album: Roots of Time. The record will be released by Nheoma and is a demonstration of their incredible capacity and the degree of maturity they have reached after over a decade of working hard and with patience. Having received passionate critiques and a warm welcome only weeks after its release, this record is proof that Exium have made themselves some space amongst the greatest artists of the Iberian techno and makes sure that a great future lies ahead of them.

    Dispar Vulgo

    Dispar Vulgo

    Compound Music - Audiokraft - WTTF

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    Jerry's Passion for Electronic music began to form in the end of the nineties, and then when house began to divide into different streams of music he found his passion in Techno. Always respecting the DJs his interest to entertain was triggered with the start of the digital way of DJ-ing. Taking bits and pieces from tracks to form new inspiring tracks using a laptop and midi-controllers. And as for entire scene his technique and his gear has evolved into a professional and entertaining act.

    In his short career he has performed in a number of famous and infamous clubs in Amsterdam and other places in Europe like Belgrade. During the TWSTd DJ-contest he has developed into a DJ who knows what he wants: Send the crowd home with the feeling of an awesome night, to tired to go to the afterparty. In this contest Jerry made it to the finals leaving 160 contestants behind him, in this finales he won the audience award.

    Jerry's style is firm rolling techno with full bass-lines en hard kicks. He only comes for one thing: to rock the crowd.



    Mystic Garden Festival - Compound Music

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    Playing sets full of dark & heavy techno with a fine feel for atmosphere using gems from different genres. With a passion for vinyl and a nose for quality he played at various big events like CLR, Mystic Garden Festival, On&On, Planet Rose, Iamtechno, Raven is Leven, Konstrukt & Nachtsport.


Area 2 Classic Techno

Classic techno area, hosted by Wooferland. This organisation has dedicated itself to maintain the feeling that parties used to invoke in the early days. Wooferland has been throwing epic parties for over a decade with the infamous Wooferland Festival, as well as the annual winter edition in Paradiso.

At Evolution of Techno Wooferland will have it's own area, boasting some of the best known heroes in classic techno.


    Fone audio - Wonka Records

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    Remy Unger has been one of the driving forces behind the electronic music scene in the Netherlands. With bookings on all continents under his belt, Remy left his mark on the worldwide scene. Recent years have been treating him well with high profile gigs like Timewarp NL, A Day At The Park, closing sets at Awakenings and of course his wildly popular residency at the 'Click' club nights and festival. His latest venture the ´Fone Audio´ record label, in collaboration with Patch Park, is taking him back to his roots releasing a unique mix of pumping energetic techno and tech-house.

    The Roxy
    Remy's adventures started in '89 with his first visits to the legendary Roxy in Amsterdam where resident Dimitri brought a new sound to a new generation: house. "It was love at first sight" Remy remembers. "The energy that was released was so heavy, I just had to be a part of it!"

    The First steps
    Unger bought turntables and during the next year spent all his money on records, sometimes even forgetting he also needed to feed himself every once in a while. The hard work paid off and by 1990 Remy found himself behind the decks at the Roxy. International bookings started piling up and soon he was playing Twilo in New York, John Digweed's Bedrock Nights and Ibiza's finest clubs.

    The next level
    The next steps in his career took him to all the hot spots in Europe, Asia, South Africa, North and South America. His straight forward no-bullshit approach to electronic music and good empathy with the dance floor have made him one of the silent forces in club land today.

    The Producer
    Remy has always been actively involved in all aspects of the record industry as a label boss, producer, remixer and compiler. His first successes as a producer came from collaborations with Sven van Hees on Wonka Records. Sven and Remy then went on to found the widely respected Global Cuts bringing forward classics such as 'Piano Power'. His work with Roland Klinkenberg also resulted in some a lot of classic material. Big solo tracks on these labels included 'Backstabber', 'Mano' and Serious Damage under his own name and many hits under his alias Wavecatcher.

    Billy Nasty

    Billy Nasty

    Renaissance - Back2Basics - Tortured

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    BILLY NASTY has been DJing half his life; a career that has seen him spin professionally for over nearly fourteen years. He has continually travelled the world as one of the most in-demand techno/electro DJs, and has performed at the most prestigious events, and infamous clubs – across the globe. As a result, he has been one of only a handful of more ‘underground’ DJs who has consistently featured in the annual DJ Mag Top 100.

    Billy is not, and has never been, just a DJ, though: he's enjoyed an extensive recording career; runs three record labels widely-regarded by a broad range of DJs and record buyers alike; and also established a DJ agency, Theremin, that looked after the bookings of many of techno’s leading names, as well as nurturing new talent and allowing them to progress upwards through the ranks. Theremin closed last year, and, after signing up with the reputed DJ agency, Decked Out, Billy has now been granted additional time to concentrate on his labels and DJing.

    Having spent a handful of formative, pre-house years, soaking up the rhythms of rare-groove, go-go and funk, Billy was already a committed DJ when house music exploded in the UK in the late eighties. He secured a job at the cutting-edge, Camden-based, Zoom record shop in the latter stages of 1989; this frontline job was extremely important and allowed Billy to regularly meet other prominent figures on London’s burgeoning club scene, as well as helping him to enhance his reputation as a DJ.

    In May 2000, Tortured released The Torture Chamber, Billy’s third mix CD, which showcased the label’s high-quality output. It was the first instalment in a series of Torture Chamber mixes and, two years later, the second volume followed: Slovenian DJ Umek contributed a three turntable mix-up of incredible intensity that perfectly demonstrated his jaw-dropping deck skills.

    Umek also had the honour of launching Tortured’s sister label, Electrix. Electrix was established with the proviso of pushing boundaries and putting out “experimental electronica – encompassing everything from Maurizio-style dubby tracks through to straight-up, dancefloor-oriented 808 workouts”. The label quickly proved popular and is now regarded as one of the UK’s finest for dancefloor electro with support consistently forthcoming from Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall and Freddie Fresh. Electrix was also a more natural home for album projects than Tortured and long-players from both Transparent Sound and The Advent now reside amidst a back-catalogue approaching 20 single releases in length.



    Unity - Mazzo

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    His love for music began at the age of five when he learned to play the piano. Cellie’s DJ-career began in 1984, playing disco, rap, funk, rare-grooves and new-wave in clubs all over Holland, Germany and Spain. In ‘89 he returned to Amsterdam and started working in club Mazzo as floor-manager/programmer [booking bands and DJ’s], and also dj-ing himself.

    Here he started organizing the popular Saturday-nights called ‘Unity’ which became a huge success. After a few years he decided to team up with the London based Sex Love And Motion and brought Londons popular S.L.A.M nights to Amsterdam at Mazzo. August 2000 was the last of these weekly events and from September 2000 on Cellie has begun a new venture named ‘Off The Record’; a new concept to freshen up the Amsterdam nightlive.

    These nights will be co-hosted by DJ’s Steve Rachmad, Estoe & Carlijn. Besides playing in Mazzo Cellie plays all over the world, England, Italy, France, Norway, Finland, Portugal, USA, South-Africa and China are regulary visited by this well travelled DJ. Cellie also plays some of Hollands biggest festivals such as New Frontier and Dancevalley often in front of crowds as big as 10,000 plus.

    His music can be described as Hypnotic.Global.House - ranging from break-beats and techhouse edging towards progressive and techno- always uplifting, pumping & groovy.


    VIP Club - Roxy

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    Angelo D'onorio has been one of the basic foundations in the nineties of the Dutch dance scene together with for example Dimitri, Marcello, Remy, Michel de Hey and Joost van Bellen. He started out in the early nineties at the world famous Amsterdam based IT club. Angelo progressed into being a resident for the Mazzo, Paradiso and was a regular guest @ the legendary Roxy.

    On his club nights he was responsible for bringing over many top dj's and at that time upcoming stars. Sven Vath, Mr C, Slam Dj's, Funk D'void, Laurant Garnier, Ian Pooley and many others were among these dj's. Within a few years his name was listed among the top dj's of the nation, and he was playing all over the country including festivals like Lowlands, Pink Pop, Dance Valley, Mysteryland and so on.

    After releasing his underground hit “To The Floor” (supported by well- known dj's like Carl Cox) Angelo performed all over the world on parties and in clubs like Rex Club, DC10, Pacha, Privilege and Cafe D'anvers, to name a few. Over the years Angelo has been rewarded with three Best Dutch dj awards @ the Gouden Kabouter and shared stage with many of the top names in the techno-house scene, such as Sven Vath, Derrick May, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Laurent Garnier. Mr. C, Sander Kleinenberg Slam Dj’s, Funk D’Void, Carl Craig, Carl Leckerbush, Umek, Kenny Larkin and many more.

    Throughout the years Angelo has released or remixed music for the following labels: 90 Watts, Kismet Recordings, Music Man, Mazzo Music, Carbon, 7 Stars, Bosh, Red menace, MFS, Midnite Sessions and Illa Records. His tracks appeared on compilations like Circoloco (DC10), Fabric (London), Dance Valley (UDC,NL) and Mysteryland (ID&T, NL).

    His recent releases and projects are under his name but there were also collaborations (Solar Brothers, In-Sence) on 90Watts They have been picked up and supported by names like Richie Hawtin, Gregor Trescher and Remy.




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    Carlijn was resident at club the Mazzo, Amsterdam. First contact with acid house in Goa. Before making the move to the dj booth, she was al ready working at the Mazzo.

    Oliver Kucera

    Oliver Kucera (live)

    Mazzo - Awakenings

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    This Czech origin producer started getting interested in music already at the age of six, mainly because both of his parents had strong musical backgrounds. At this early age he started playing trumpet but soon the musical boundaries of this single instrument couldn`t keep him interested anymore.2 years later he received his first computer: the Amiga. From here on his spirit in creating electronic music really got inspired and as the years went by he got more and more familiar with other and better equipment. From here up until the age of eighteen, he used all of his time to truly understand all the differences between creating sound(s) and composing music.

    Now was the time to put all his musical ideas into action and at the age of 21 he released his first E.P. called:``Indeep`` together with 2 others under the name:`` Electric Buddiez``.Due to mutual conflicts of interest, they decided to split up. At the Awakenings Event on new year`s eve 2003/2004 Oliver met Dutch producer: Willem Baars (founder of ``North Coast Studio).After being confronted with Oliver`s rough tracks, Willem was totally convinced by this young and new producers skills and capacities. Together they went into the studio to sharpen up the edges of the tracks.

    Soon became clear that Oliver was capable of creating more different styles within the wide variety of House music. Moving from deep Minimal to Breakbeat to Club to pounding Techno. From here on the decision was made to start up a brand new innovative label within the ever evolving range of Techno related House sounds called: ``Flatland Records``. Nowadays Oliver is starting out more and more to promote his own productions by performing them live on stage. Some performances are only with the use of a lap-top, EFX and a controller, on other occasions he even will take vintage equipment like for instance the legendary TR909 drumcomputer.

    Previously Oliver has already been booked and performing together with world renowned DJ`s and producers such as: DJ Rush / Billy Nasty / Marco Remus / DJ Amok and both Stephan and Vincent de Wit. For more and upcoming performances, check the schedule as being part of this website!

    Regarding the future: besides Oliver`s aim to take ``Flatland Records`` to the next level, his strong ambition in combination with the honest reflection from the people around him drives him towards further improvement regarding his skills both as a performer and a producer!



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The location for Evolution of Techno is nothing less then superb. Get that old warehouse feeling but with all of today facilities and amenities. The location has been a closely guarded secret for many decades. The complex is part of an old military complex which so secret that is has been off limits for civilians, that is, until recently.

Evolution of Techno will take place in the massive building formerly dubbed as the amonition factory. This acility measures a whopping 6000 square meters, divided into two sections, the Compound area, and a seperate hall in which Wooferland will throw a serious party.

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